Why LadyFit?
· Because “God created men, then he had a better idea!” Have you been looking for an ALL WOMEN workout environment where you can just go to the gym and not feel like you are always being scrutinized by others? A place where you can show up any time of day, in any condition, and feel comfortable? Well that’s what we offer at LadyFit, while still having the equipment and trainers/class instructors available of a typical gym setting! NO bright lights, NO mirrors & without the smell!
· Do you need a change but don’t know how to get started? That’s OK, we take every member through detailed equipment instruction so that you are comfortable with everything in our health club, even if you have never belonged to a fitness center before we make it easy for you to jump right in!
· Our staff will write you a personalized workout program before you even set foot on a treadmill, so that you have a simple way to work toward your specific goals!
· With 24/7 access &  private, CLEAN showers with a wonderful “prep” area including complimentary towels, shampoo, hair product, lotions & hair dryers you can fit a workout into your busy schedule and still get to your next pressing engagement!
· We offer weekly Group Classes that are INCLUDED for every LadyFit member! As well as a monthly Nutrition class & the occasional Self-Defense class or even Wine Tasting!
· With members ranging in age from 16-88 we cater to ALL women, of any age and ANY background!
· LadyFit is not just a Health Club, it’s a community; a family of women all working towards one common goal: to get, and stay HEALTHY!
· If this sounds like just the thing for you, talk to us today about a FREE tour or workout session!!!
Thank you so much for looking,
Elizabeth Baker, ATC 
Owner/Founder – LadyFit